Excellent Radwaschanlagen System to Wash the Wheel Effectively and Efficiently

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Washing the wheels of vehicles and construction equipments are important. This is part of maintenance to make sure that the vehicles and equipments can always work properly in the construction sites. Moreover, it is good way to prevent pollution on the public road.  Pollution from the dumps of soils and dusts on the wheels can make the road dirty and even cause traffic accidents, and surely the company does not want to get troubles from these. That is why it is great to have radwaschanlagen or wheel washing system. In this case, MobyDick provides excellent machines to wash the wheels cleanly by utilizing great system.

Wheel Washing System from MobyDick

There is something different in the wheel washing machines brought by MobyDick. The manufacturer designs and prepares the machines with excellent system that will be able to wash the wheels cleanly. The machines can handle the wheeled and railed equipments well so the results will be excellent. However, the machines still do not consume much energy. It can happen since MobyDick does not depend on the high water pressure, but it utilizes water volume and nozzle designs to maintain sufficient water pressure without using much energy to pump the water. This is the effective and efficient system.

Water Recycling System

Next, wheel washing system from MobyDick has nice water management. In most machines or products, the water from the cleaning and washing process will be wasted away. However, MobyDick improves the water management system by using water recycling tank. After the water washes the wheels, it is filtered and recycled. Then, it is stored in the tank so later it still can be used. This is effective since it reduce the water consumptions. The recycling process will also separate the dusts and lumps of soils from the water so it still can be reused to wash the wheels. These systems are surely something great, and these also become great reasons of choosing the wheel washing machines from MobyDick.